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28 janvier 2021

ESTACA Paris-Saclay

Electric Mobility, Mechatronics, Connectivity, Driver Assistance, Motor control, Infotainment, …, everything relies today on Electronic Components and Systems.

Hence, SIA CESA, already the most important conference for Automotive Electronics in France and one of the most important event in Europe, will again gather Executives, Experts and trend setters from both industries from all over the world.

More than ever the Electronic (and especially consumer Electronics) and the Automotive industries will have to be linked to face strategic challenges in order to prepare the future with increased coordination. Optimum package integration, reliable and efficient mechatronic technologies will have to be jointly designed to provide sustainable solutions for connectivity, use of artificial intelligence, cloud and big data transfers and treatment.

SIA CESA is organized by the SIA (Association of French Automotive Engineers) with the support of the PFA (the unique Platform representing  the  Automotive Industries in France), and in close cooperation with the French Electronics industry, underlining the strong convergence between both industries over the past years and emphasizing the need of future strategic coordination.

SIA CESA will take place on January 28th, 2021 in Paris, a real special date and a special place after the 2 majors storms our companies and industries have had to face since 2018: shortage of passive components in 2018 and in 2019 and more recently and more disruptive, the Covid-19 pandemic.

SIA CESA will therefore be a unique opportunity to listen to the best speakers and trend setters and to exchange on the way we shall give birth to this post-coronavirus Electronic world and face its challenges.


ESTACA Paris-Saclay