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China EV 100 Forum

10 janvier 2020 - 8 h 00 - 12 janvier 2020 - 17 h 00


The automotive industry is undergoing unprecedented transformation towards greening, electrification, intellectualization, networking, and sharing around the globe, while China’s EV industry is facing structural adjustment, which brings about tremendous change to the automotive market. Against this backdrop, it is of high concern to analyze and grasp global automotive market and the latest transformation trend, reflect on and identify the technical route for NEVs based on factual market demand and macro strategic demand, study medium- and long-term automotive industry development strategies, and explore industry policies and enterprise strategies tailored to current and future market changes. On the basis of its previous five sessions, China EV100 Forum 2020 will elaborate on the theme of “Seize the Moment, Focus on Transformation and Lead Innovation” and invite representatives from relevant governmental departments, industry organizations and leading enterprises in the fields of automotive, energy, transportation, city and ICT to share insights on the transformation and innovation of automotive industry, enterprises and policies.